Sportclub Alicante 


The entries for the II Senior ITF Tournament "Carmen Perea" Sport Club/Alicante will be made through the ITF in London! To carry out this procedure you need the personal number "IPIN", which must be requested in the same "ITF"

In addition to the following requirements:

• an Internet connection

• an e-mail address (the registration system works through confirmation by e-mail)

• a valid credit card to pay the US $ 25 fee

If you have problems getting it, you can contact me. Mobile: 689772720



Registration confirmation:

If your name appears on the official list of the ITF on the internet, your participation in the tournament will be automatically confirmed. The list will be seen 15 weeks before the start of the tournament, which is when the 

FACT-SHEET is published with all the information of the Tournament.